The planned liturgy took place in Sumela Monastery despite bigoted and conspiratorial reactions

I took the photo two weeks ago when I was travelling through Trabzon. After a long restoration, the site looks grander now.

The usual suspects were at work again. Here is the summary of what happened:

The controversy emerged after the announcement of the planned liturgy, and a representative from the Islamist New Welfare Party in Turkey criticized it[1]. The Good Party spokesperson, Kursad Zorlu, called for the annual religious ceremony at Sumela to be canceled, which fanned the flames of the debate[2]. However, despite the controversy and challenges, the Assumption was celebrated in Sumela Monastery[3]. The Ecumenical Patriarchate published a statement in which it stated that some politicians had targeted religious activities in recent days for political reasons[4]. Greek diplomatic sources have expressed criticism regarding the decision made by Turkish authorities to refuse permission for the celebration[5]. It is worth noting that there was a previous controversy in 2022 when Greece protested to Turkey over a disco band at Sumela Monastery[6].


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