We are hit with a new wave of Tax increases

ISTANBUL, July 7 (Reuters) – Turkey on Friday hiked value-added tax (VAT) by 2 percentage points and also raised the tax collected on bank consumer loans, in moves intended to tackle a growing budget deficit and also likely to fuel already high inflation.

The VAT rate charged on goods and services rose to 20% from 18%, while that on basic goods such as toilet paper and detergents increased to 10% from 8%, effective immediately, the Official Gazette said.

According to several sources, Turkey has increased its value-added tax (VAT) by 2 percentage points and raised the tax collected on bank consumer loans[1][5]. Additionally, the ruling AK Party has presented a draft law that envisages issuing additional motor vehicle tax and corporate tax due to earthquake-related finance needs[2]. A bill submitted by the AK Party also proposes an increase in the corporate tax rate to 25% [3]. Furthermore, the government has increased taxes and levies for banks[4]. These tax hikes are aimed at reducing the budget deficit, paying for spending pledges, and funding the recovery from major earthquakes that struck the country in February[1][4].

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