It is the anniversary of Sivas Massacre and there is a digital archive now to memoralize the victims

A tribute to the victims. Here is the archive.


This image was created by mahirgra

The Sivas massacre, also known as the Madimak massacre, refers to the events of July 2, 1993, at the Hotel Madimak in Sivas, Turkey[1]. The victims, who had gathered in the hotel for the Pir Sultan Abdal festival, were mostly Alevi intellectuals, and 37 people were killed when a mob set fire to the hotel[1][2][3]. Two perpetrators also died during the incident[1]. The case against the remaining five defendants was dropped in March 2012 due to the statute of limitations, but it is still being appealed[1]. The victims were commemorated on the 28th and 30th anniversaries of the massacre in 2021 and 2023, respectively[4][5][6].


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