The third BroTrip is taking place

This time, our destination was Nizip, Gaziantep, where my sister and her husband are appointed as a judge and as a prosecutor until the next year. We are now back in Ankara and will drive back to İstanbul soon. We might stop by Sapanca or Bolu on our way.

We visited Gordion Ancient city close to Ankara, and then visited a winery close by, Gordias. Then we stayed in a hotel called the Gordion Hotel. We were full of Gordion that day. So I finally visited where the Gordian Knot incident had supposedly happened.

Midas tumulus, we visited.

From Ankara to Gaziantep.

We visited Lake Nar.

Then we stopped by Tyana Ancient City.

This 4-year-old kid, Yağız, on the left, is all we wanted to see. He is growing up. He is naughty and, of course, lovely.

On the shores of Euphrates, near Birecik, Gaziantep.

We love third-wave coffee stores. Shakeaspeare Cafe in Nizip saved us!

Oh Zeugma Ancient City! I finally visited it. Most of the stuff recovered is in the museum in Gaziantep downtown, but the ancient city itself is near Nizip.

Through downtown Gaziantep.

Ten years ago there was not a single building in this part of Niğde!

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