Disinformation that will not be punished #TurkeyElection

On Sunday, Erdoğan held a massive rally in Istanbul. Based on his party’s social media legislation, there were punishable disinformation cases. This is unlikely to happen. It is claimed that 1,700,000 million people attended the rally. The fact-checking organization Teyit says there were no more than 865,000 people. This is the least damaging lie. The … Read more

The Russian delegate gets a good fist- literally- in the summit in Ankara

It happened a few days ago. Russian and Ukrainian Delegates Fight Over Ukrainian Flag at a Conference Two altercations over Ukrainian flags occurred at a regional parliamentary conference in Ankara, the Turkish capital.

Ultranationalists attack opposition campaigners in 3 places today

The biggest one took place in Erzurum. İmamoğlu could not finish the rally as an ultranationalist mob stoned the crowd. There are wounded people. Another happened in Trabzon. CHP deputies were subject to a lynch attempt. The third occurred in Mersin as Green Left Party members were attacked by ultranationalists with knives and stones. In … Read more

One week left: “Turkey’s Elections Won’t Be Free or Fair”

Turkey’s Elections Won’t Be Free or Fair FP Passport by Nate Schenkkan and Aykut Garipoglu / But the opposition could still win. Turkey election: Erdogan rival Kilicdaroglu promises freedom and democracy Turkey, the elections and Gen-Z Turkey’s youth deprived, disillusioned and discontent ahead of May 14 elections, report shows Erdoğan slams The Economist for ‘interfering’ in … Read more

#Europe Agenda: “The rise and fall of linguistic diversity at #Eurovision

The rise and fall of linguistic diversity at Eurovision Global Voices Online The trends have flip-flopped countless times over the years Originally published on Global Voices Moldova’s Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Semi Final One Jury Show. Free to use. This guest post was originally published by Langoly by Kelsey Wetherbee and … Read more

9 days left for the elections

I am not as excited as in the previous elections, although the stakes seem higher than ever. The photo below is a scene from a massive opposition ally in İzmir.  The opposition has stood firm so far in the last weeks. Let’s see… Turks abroad show huge turnout in elections Turkish expatriates have shown a … Read more

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