Disinformation from the top. “Erdoğan acknowledges Kılıçdaroğlu-PKK video may be ‘manipulated’

Throughout his election rallies, the president has showcased a video montage falsely insinuating that the PKK supports his rival in the presidential vote.

there are five ways that Kilicdaroglu will try to beat Erdogan in the upcoming run-off elections. These are:

  1. Focusing on the economy. Kilicdaroglu has promised to create jobs and improve the economy if he is elected. He has also criticized Erdogan’s economic policies, which he says have led to high unemployment and inflation.

  2. Addressing the refugee crisis. Kilicdaroglu has promised to repatriate Syrian refugees within two years. He has also said that he would seek European Union funding to build homes, schools, and hospitals in Syria.

  3. Changing his image. Kilicdaroglu has adopted a more homely image in an attempt to appeal to voters. He has filmed Twitter videos from his kitchen or study, and he has made a heart sign with his hands at his rallies.

  4. Unifying the opposition. Kilicdaroglu has reached out to other opposition parties in an attempt to unite them against Erdogan. He has also said that he would be willing to form a coalition government if he is elected.

  5. Campaigning on a platform of hope. Kilicdaroglu has promised to bring hope to Turkey if he is elected. He has said that he would create a more just and prosperous society.

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