9 days left for the elections

I am not as excited as in the previous elections, although the stakes seem higher than ever. The photo below is a scene from a massive opposition ally in İzmir.  The opposition has stood firm so far in the last weeks. Let’s see…

Turkish expatriates have shown a high civic engagement in the May 14 elections, which has already started for citizens abroad, as they line up in long queues outside the consulates to cast their ballots.

The international press in full swing: 

The Observer view on Turkey: Erdoğan looks more fragile | Observer editorial

Turkey’s President Erdogan back on campaign trail after illness

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Several Kurdish parties declare support for Kılıçdaroğlu

In Turkey, a raki commercial goes viral for its political undertones

Undertones: What do onions have to do with the Turkish elections?

What a viral post by a Turkish food critic tells us about the country’s upcoming elections

Originally published on Global Voices

An illustration showing onions (in black and white) in the foreground and a Turkish city with flags (with a pink filter on) in the background.


Illustration by the Civic Media Observatory

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Erdogan’s political strategies in football | Al Mayadeen English

… happened with Erdogan in 2013 when the fans of Besiktas and Fenerbahçe football clubs stood at the forefront of the protesters in Gezi Park

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