This made my day: “Why metalheads are happier people?

Music makes us happy. Millions of people can agree on that. But heavy metal? A genre that is often described as deafening and aggressive, how is can that make people happy? Are the headbanging, beer-drinking and blackclad metal fans even happier than other people? Surely, that can’t be.But psychologist Nico Rose argues the contrary. In his book “Hard, Heavy and Happy” he describes the effects of heavy metal on body, mind and soul. He also explains how what heavy metal opponents often call “noise” helps cope with anxiety and depression. On this episode of Arts Unveiled, we will explain how the notorious festival venue of Wacken became a sanctuary for metalheads’ well-being and how the heavy metal crowd has now even managed to win over the quiet-loving inhabitants of the tranquil village in northern Germany. Heavy Metal becomes Happy Metal. – With hard rock music to a happier life.

00:00 Intro: Why metalheads are happier people 00:22 Reason 1: Metal fans have a strong sense of community 03:39 Reason 2: Metal provides an outlet for stress and anger 06:24 Reason 3: Metal leads to feelings of joy and empowerment 08:19 Outro: The power of heavy metal


Summarized by Tubetldr: 

The Positive Impact of Heavy Metal on Mental Health

Heavy metal music has a long-standing reputation as an aggressive genre of music, but it turns out that metalheads are some of the happiest people around. Research has proven that listening to heavy metal can have a positive effect on one’s mental health.

Why Metalheads are Happy

  • They feel part of one big community
  • Heavy metal music makes its own fans happy
  • It can make other people happy too

In conclusion, heavy metal has a positive effect on mental health and can even make other people happy. Metalheads feel a strong sense of community and that contributes to their happiness.

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