I loved Biden being in Ukraine. #Europe agenda

While Biden’s presence provided practical value—he announced an aid package worth $500 million—the historic visit primarily served as a signal of Western resolve to help Ukraine see the fight through, just days before the one-year mark of Russia’s full-scale invasion of the country.

Speaking at Mariinsky Palace, the Ukrainian president’s residence, and flanked by a small circle of advisors, a press pool, and security, Biden used the occasion to condemn the Russian invasion and provide a visual symbol that Kyiv is still standing nearly a full year since the Kremlin’s military siege began.

How Poland and Ukraine Could Undermine Putin’s Imperial Dreams

EU GDP map

New era in Czech politics as Petr Pavel wins presidential election

Pavel openly supports Kyiv against Moscow

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Cover of Czech independent weekly Respekt from January 16-22, showing on the left, Petr Pavel, and on the right Andrej Babiš, the two candidates of the second round of the presidential election. Photo by Filip Noubel, used with permission.

The Czech Republic elected its new head of state, General Petr Pavel, in the second tour of the presidential election that took place on January 27-28. This outcome is likely to strengthen Prague’s ties to the European Union, NATO and Ukraine.


Earthquake risk across Europe


“All the companies recruit from aboard and they look for certain talent with expertise they need and they really go after them,” says Johanna Huurre, director of strategic initiatives at Helsinki Partners. “They’re coming from South America, Europe, it’s obviously easier to move around in Europe, America and Asia.”

At the national level, parties insist they won’t work or vote with the far-right AfD—but at the local level, it happens all the time.

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