Southeasth Turkey Earthquake. 7 February 2023. Live blog


Maraş earthquakes: Will SoE affect elections?

Mapping the 100+ aftershocks from the Turkey-Syria earthquake

Photos: Families search for loved ones in rubble after earthquake

Turkey earthquake victim rescued after social media plea under rubble – video

Turkey earthquake: BBC reports from Antakya, a city reduced to rubble




Disaster Map and Volunteering Project

Haluk Levent’s Crypto Money Donation Campaign Started

Ahbap Association- Earthquake Safe Zones Map

Photo of Turkish man holding hand of dead daughter underlines earthquake despair

Videos and photographs of the two earthquakes that have devastated southern Turkey and northern Syria, killing at least 5,000 people, show rescuers digging with their hands, apartments blocks concertinaing to the ground in seconds, and the shaking apart of a castle that had stood for almost two millennia.

Journalist detained for taking pictures of earthquake damages in Adana city hospital

Earthquake updates: 3,549 people lost their lives in Türkiye

How Turkey’s Anatolian Fault System Causes Devastating Earthquakes

Massive fire breaks out in İskenderun Port

Videos reveal extent of Turkey, Syria earthquake devastation

The Grim Reality About Saving People Trapped by an Earthquake



AFAD: 3,432 people lost their lives

Erdoğan declares state of emergency in 10 quake-hit provinces

UNESCO reviews quake damage to ancient sites

Searching for Survivors

Crypto donations approved. Can be seen here

Barriers to Syria Aid Emerge After Earthquake



My younger sister, a judge, and her husband, a prosecutor, both stationed in Gaziantep, got permission to move to another city. They have a little boy so that they will work online for a while. They spent the night in a newly built prison last night. A close friend of mine who is a manager of a textile factory in Malatya is in good health, but he could not reach many of his employees in the city yet.

Turkish presidency Communication Office was quick to call citizens to inform “disinformation” spreaders. There is a flood of false news for sure, but this effort seems to aim at preventing citizen complaints about the failures in rescue efforts.

Official stats: AFAD: 3,381 died, 20,426 injured in 10 cities

A list of Organisations and Campaigns for Earthquake Aid here

Highly Confirmed Map Showing People Trapped Under Collapse in Hatay here

Most buildings that collapsed all over the earthquake region were built after 1998.

Monday’s quake is one of the deadliest this century. The toll is expected to rise.

Footballer Christian Atsu pulled alive from Turkey quake rubble

The Lone Link for Aid Between Syria and Turkey Is Not Usable After the Quake

First night in Diyarbakır: ‘This earthquake has killed us’


Syria accused of playing politics with aid in aftermath of earthquake

Survivors give harrowing accounts of Turkey, Syria earthquakes

World leaders express condolences over deadly earthquakes in Türkiye

Frantic search for earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria

Turkish business world mobilizes for earthquake relief efforts

Tuesday briefing: Why the Turkey and Syria earthquake was a catastrophe

Turkey Earthquake: Time Is Running Out to Find Survivors

The U.S. aid agency deploys two search and rescue teams to Turkey.

Erdoğan declares seven days of national mourning

Rescuers work through night in Türkiye after quake kills 2921


Trapped people plead for help on social mediax

Turkey and Syria earthquake devastation – in pictures

Difficult conditions frustrate rescue efforts after Turkey and Syria earthquakes as toll reaches 5,000

A deadly earthquake in Syria and Turkey – podcast

Turkey earthquake: Survivors in streets as rain hampers rescue

Despite an enormous rescue effort, many people are waiting for help.


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