Turkey vs. Sweden: NATO membership, Erdoğan effigy, A student’s internship

Peaceful Sweden is taking blows from Turkey recently…

Swedish government distances itself from hanging of presidential dummy in Stockholm stunt by Kurdish group

  • Both Nordic nations lifted restrictions on weapons exports to Ankara, and Sweden amended its constitution to toughen domestic anti-terror laws.

Ratification will have to wait at least until after elections in May or June, says senior official

Turkey is unlikely to vote on Sweden and Finland’s accession to Nato before pivotal domestic elections expected in May or June this year, according to a senior Turkish official.

The university acknowledged that in connection with the refusal of the request for internship of a student from Türkiye, connections were made to Sweden’s Nato application by a professor, which was “unacceptable” and noted that the university has apologized to the student.

In the meantime:

Swedish company LKAB has discovered what’s claimed to be Europe’s biggest deposit of rare earth metals, promising a critical boost in the continent’s trade security and green transition.

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