AI usage in my make-up exam

With the latest GPT Chat version and related Open AI tools such as Playground, students will rely on AI tools more than ever. I wanted to experiment with a kind of AI literacy by asking students to ask the AI my exam questions (in a make-up exam for the History of Thought course) and edit the results. The AI may make up fictional sources to back up its reply even though the result is agreeable. I have checked some of the “academic sources” on a topic I was not very knowledgeable about. When I looked up the sources, they were not real. But the authors were real, and I could find their writings that fit in my scholarly pursuit. I wish it could offer real sources from the outset.

It is better on more general philosophical or historical topics, but when it comes to less-known persons’ biographies, it can create realistic fictive biographies. One should check out which sections are fiction and which are none.

I have started to list AI software that can be used in our content production here.

Oh, the class says hi!

Today, it was the last day of class for my MED 215- Advanced Digital Literacy class.

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