Re-enacted: “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”. Assassination of Sinan Ateş

In the good old days. Ateş with the MHP leader, Bahçeli.
Ex-Grey Wolves leader, Sinan Ateş, was assassinated in Ankara a few days ago.
Sinan Ateş, the ex-president of Grey Wolves, a far-right paramilitary organization and political movement affiliated with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), was killed in Ankara on Friday (December 30).
I learned about him only 5-6 days ago while checking out my Tiktok timeline. There was a fan account for him, and then I Google’d to know more about him. He had even released a video thanking the fan account on Tiktok. A day later, he was assassinated. MHP (and various related organizations) did not issue a consolation. I guess, out of courtesy, there could be a formal consolation. But it seems he had already fallen out of grace, and MHP leadership is not known for its niceties.
Sinan Ateş once mentioned Marquez’s novella: Chronicle of a Death Foretold.
The central question at the core of the novella is how the death of Santiago Nasar was widely foreseen — “there had never been a death more foretold,” as the narrator describes — yet no one was able or willing to stop it.
There is an uproar among the MHP sympathizers and a deep silence at its leadership. Let’s see what will happen next…

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