I could finally visit Göbeklitepe!

There are so many ancient settlements in Turkey, and I made it my goal to visit them all. Göbeklitepe was at the top of my list, and Sinem and I could visit the place last weekend. I am rarely too excited about the settlements I visit, but this was inevitably impressive. It was built 12 thousand years ago! A rival to Göbeklitepe is emerging at Karahan Tepe, one hour drive to the former. I will pay a visit there later.

Sinem and I were trainers in a local journalism session in Adana, and it took nearly five hours to reach Göbeklitepe. Under normal conditions, you should better fly to Antep or Urfa and drive much less to reach there. On our way to Göbeklitepe, we also visited a less-known ancient settlement from the Late Hitite times:, Castabala.

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