What if Twitter is gone? How to reach this blog

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Well, of course, the blog is here, not tied to Twitter hosting. You can come directly here. However, apart from the most committed readers, most traffic comes from social media connections. I have automated the blog to several of my accounts.

In the last year, here are the top referrers:

Search Engines

I believe one of the most direct ways to follow the blog is by subscribing. You can subscribe to the blog through the box on the right-hand side.

Secondly, an RSS reader will catch all the posts. Such as Feedly.

Thirdly, Linkedin has had more engagement in the last couple of years. Still, it is algorithmic.

Meta productions are important but it has algorithmic caprices.

Finally, if we are banned from Twitter or it just collapses, I also share my blog posts on Mastodon.

Twitter reinstates accounts of suspended journalists and Mastodon

has announced through its Safety account that it has “identified several policies where permanent suspension was a disproportionate action for breaking Twitter rules.” The website has already started reinstating accounts that were suspended for violating those rules, the tweet continued, and it will lift more suspensions every week over the next month. Twitter didn’t specify the policies it’s talking about and which accounts will be reinstated. But upon checking, the accounts of Mastodon and the journalists recently banned due to the website’s new doxxing rules are up and running again.

A number of prominent journalists’ accounts were suspended on


this evening, including those of correspondents from CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Aaron Rupar, Ryan Mac and Drew Harwell were among those to go dark at about 7:30 p.m—Rupar — Read the rest

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