A report: ‘A Look At the 20 Years of Media Freedom [in Turkey]

Assoc. Prof. Ulaş Karan has written an evaluation report titled “A Look At the 20 Years of Media Freedom” regarding

the Media

Monitoring Reports published by bianet/IPS Communication Foundation. The English version of the report has been published.

Click to read the report

In other news:

UN rapporteurs on Osman Kavala: ‘Judgement of ECtHR binding on all courts in Türkiye’

Türkiye did not address the allegations regarding Kavala’s imprisonment and the infringement proceedings at the Council of Europe, according to the rapporteurs.

Study: Kurds in Türkiye think human rights situation worse than 90s

The results of a new study by Tahir Elçi Human Rights Foundation and Rawest show that Kurds living in different parts of Türkiye believe that mostly Kurds, women, children and poor are subjected to violations of human rights and that “the right to live” is a mostly violated right.

Record-high number of doctors seek emigration from Türkiye in 2022

The number of doctors applying for a “document of good conduct” increased 40-fold over a decade, according to the Turkish Medical Association.

80 years after Wealth Tax: ‘Memories are silenced’

Today 80 years after the Wealth Tax, academicians Özgür Kaymak and Işıl Demirel describe what the non-Muslim minorities lived through: “The issues were pushed aside or locked away completely because they hurt.”

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