Turkey criminalizes disinformation and the political authorities will decide what disinformation is

I think this is a classic pattern of censorship.
Türkiye’s new ‘disinformation law’ explained

Internet news portals and journalists working for them are now subject to the Press Law. “Spreading disinformation” is

Turkey Allows Jail Terms for What It Deems ‘Fake News’

Rights advocates fear the government could use newly passed legislation to restrict speech and target critics in the run-up to crucial elections in June.

Turkey: new ‘disinformation’ law could jail journalists for three years

Press freedom organisations warn bill will ‘subdue public debate’ in run-up to next year’s general elections Turkey’s

Turkish lawmaker smashes phone with hammer during speech – video

Turkish lawmaker Burak Erbay smashed a phone with a hammer during a speech opposing proposed disinformation laws.

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