I have attended the Media BarCamp in Seferihisar, İzmir

I am already in Cologne, Germany at the moment but just before arriving here I was there:

A good summary of the event is here.


The following presentations also brought richness to the MediaBarCamp’s program: Yörük Kurtaran (Turkey Mozaik Foundation, Association of Civil Society Development Center) “Financing Independent Media Organizations”, Associate Professor Erkan Saka (Bilgi University) “What is new in the digital landscape?”, Ozan Acar (Turkish Journalists Association) “Impressions of the alternative media sector in Turkey through the lens of a media CSO”, Handan Uslu (Observatory) “Investigating the Internet Ecosystem”, Ümit Kartal (İz Gazete) “Alternative Local Media, Possibilities & Opportunities”, Utku Kılınç (BAMAD, Press Freedom and Media Studies Association) “A free press is possible”. Also, the presentations of Yeşer Sarıyıldız, titled “How will Web3 transform media?”, and Ender Diril, titled “NFT: Design or Fine Art?” drew much attention from the participants. On the same subject, also, Ukranian NFT artist, Vira Degtiarova made a presentation. Moreover, researcher and documentary director, Zeynep Merve Uygun and Mustafa Aslan from Kuest Media made presentations in two distinct sessions on storifying and visualizing data. On the last day of the event, Mert Ali Yaman shared his own experience in the establishment of the Boğaziçi TV, while Atom Şaşkal from Hrant Dink Foundation, explained the main traits of the KARDES project and Khrystyna Kvartsiana from ALDA, introduced multiple financing opportunities available for the NGOs.

I was quoted as such:

Assoc. Prof. Erkan Saka (Bilgi University): It was a unique event in terms of media studies. Independent media platforms have had a lot of events for a long time, but these are mostly in the form of panels or workshops. Here, it went slightly beyond that. Because there is more exchange of ideas and equality here. It is an event where many initiatives in this field make presentations to each other. It differs from more traditional events in this respect. It was very efficient and nice.

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