#Europe agenda: “Satellite Data Shows How Russia Has Destroyed Ukrainian Grain

Satellite Data Shows How Russia Has Destroyed Ukrainian Grain

The Russian blockade and bombardments are cutting off thousands of tons of grain, threatening the food supply in countries that rely on wheat exports.

Euro hits new 20-year low after Russia halts gas supplies

The euro slides to $0.9876 after Russia scraps a Saturday deadline for flows from the Nord Stream pipeline to resume.

Macron’s dream of a European metaverse is far from a reality

European businesses, investors, and talent are all vying for a ticket on the metaverse hype train. Even political heavyweights are

Wagner Group: Head of Russian mercenary group filmed recruiting in prison

Yevgeniy Prigozhin offered prisoners their freedom in exchange for six months service in Ukraine.

Six months of Russia’s war in Ukraine, explained in maps

Using maps and satellite imagery, Al Jazeera breaks down some of the key events of the Russia-Ukraine war.

On Saturday, Ukraine captured key eastern towns, as Russian forces withdrew to “regroup”.

Sweden election: How an ex neo-Nazi movement became kingmakers

A long-time pariah, the Sweden Democrats are now the country’s second-largest party.

Right-wing bloc wins narrow majority in Swedish parliament

A right-wing bloc that includes a nationalist anti-immigration party won a narrow majority in Sweden’s parliament
Sweden’s right wing looked set to oust Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s left-wing bloc in Sunday’s general election on strong gains by the far-right, clinging to a slim lead with 94 percent of electoral districts counted.

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