A few days into the depths of Prussian history with Christian

I am writing to you from the new Berlin Airport. This might be my 7th time in Berlin. I loved the old airport, but the new one is too generic, and I could not find a good coffee spot. But it is brand new, and I am sure it is a well-made one. Still, I have to admit the new İstanbul Airport might be better in design and in what it has.

Before the trip, my partner Sinem produced the image above using MidJourney before my trip, and I took the picture below.

I was a bit anxious that I could not talk to Christian as much as I had wanted in recent years. He is one of a few previous people I met through this blog. We had lovely talks and trips to Cologne many years ago, and he and his wife Christiana visited me on campus previously. But the pandemic and all made us a little bit apart. When he told me he would be on vacation near Berlin, and we could see some historical sightseeing in Prussian history, I was ready to travel immediately!

We spend a bit of time in the Potsdam downtown. visited the Dutch Quarter, Museum Barberini and the Film Museum.
Sans souci castle and the park. A majestic site.
Inside the Sans Souci. Not exactly by type.
This is where Churchill, Stalin and Truman sit after the WW2 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potsdam_Conference#/media/File:L_to_R,_British_Prime_Minister_Winston_Churchill,_President_Harry_S._Truman,_and_Soviet_leader_Josef_Stalin_in_the…_-_NARA_-_198958.jpg)

Before meeting with Christian, I also met with Devin and Şehnaz and then Şeyda and Berk, all good friends from İstanbul who are now settled in Germany. I am pleased to state that Christian was as lovely and fatherly and as wisely as usual and beyond all sightseeing etc I am thrilled to catch up with him.

Among many to tell, and you know I am a bit lazy to write long, I am now more knowledgeable about Theodor Fontane. From Werder (Havel) to Potsdam, we followed his tracks and the places he wrote about. The whole Brandenburg site is like a paradise, and for a few days, Turkey’s agenda made me less exhausted (I was only upset with the fact that I missed the Graduation Ceremony, it was rescheduled due to weather, so I missed it). By the way, Christian published a few books. If you are interested, here is the link to his last book on the Amazon site. Our conversations mostly focused on Prussian history, but a touch on Heidegger could not be missed.

My study of German as a hobby finally gave some fruit. I could now understand bits and pieces!

Well, let me go back to work.

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