Voice of America unblocked, Deutsche Welle still blocked in Turkey

The two outlets have refused to apply to Turkey’s media authority for a license. “Media licensed in Turkey are required to delete online content that RTÜK interprets as inappropriate. This is simply unacceptable for an independent broadcaster,” said the DW‘s head.

Turkey blocks access to two news websites

A local court ruled in favor of the access ban Originally published on Global Voices Image by Arzu Geybullayeva On June 30,

EU approval of slogan deepens rift between rival Nato members as Greeks claim their culture is being usurped

A Turkish effort to lure tourists with a “TurkAegean” promotional campaign – against a backdrop of historic Greek sites and the sound of the bouzouki – has elicited anger and embarrassment in Athens.

  • Abortion is legal on request in Turkey to all women up to the 10th week of pregnancy, and up to the 20th week for medical reasons.

With a de facto ban across much of Turkey, women are having to beg from hospital to hospital or seek private terminations – if they can afford it

When Esra*, a 27-year-old from Istanbul fell pregnant by mistake, she knew she had no choice but to get an abortion.

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