“Migration map of #İstanbul: People from all over the world in 39 districts

Karakoy, Istanbul
Number of refugees in the metropolis may be much higher than official figures, says CHP deputy Gürsel Tekin

Turkey hosts total 4,082,693 asylum seekers: Deputy interior minister

The total number of asylum seekers in Turkey is 4,082,693, and of them 3,762,686 comprise Syrians under temporary protection, Deputy Interior Minister İsmail Çataklı has said.
“Not every dark-skinned person is a refugee,” the deputy minister has warned, noting that some four and a half million tourist from the Middle East and North Africa visited Turkey last year.

Returning to Istanbul, a Place of Competing Identities – The New York Times

– Istanbul: In trying to understand the complexities of the city, Aatish Taseer examines both his past and present selves. Everyone froze. The

Art of reinvention: Istanbul’s wave of cultural openings | Travel Weekly

The old city, with its lively bazaars and fine Byzantine mosques, dominates tourist itineraries, yet Istanbul is anything but stuck in the past

Experts warn Istanbul’s iconic Hagia Sophia at risk as ancient gate damaged – Al-Monitor

The Hagia Sophia’s main nave is seen through the imperial gate on June 26, 2020, in Istanbul.
How Istanbul is reinventing itself – The Australian

One of the world’s oldest tourist destinations has a shiny new layer of 21st-century attractions. By RICHARD MORGAN. Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

Rare 2,300-year-old tomb in Istanbul holds partially cremated body | Live Science

Archaeologists also found a terracotta goblet and a perfume bottle within it, Rahmi Asal, director of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, told the

‘Floating history’ docks in Istanbul – Turkey News

Nava Scoala Mircea, one of the Romanian Navy’s oldest ships which the Turkish media outlets nicknamed “Floating history,” anchored in Istanbul’s

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