As Turks complain about rising number of refugees, “Asylum applications from Turkey to Europe rose by 45 percent in a year

The highest share of persons who received protection status were registered in Germany, according to Eurostat.

MEPs have called for the immediate release of Kavala and other convicts of the Gezi case.
According to the 2021 Activity Report of the Ministry of Defense, Turkey spent 70 billion Turkish lira (1 US dollar = 14.93 lira) on “National Defense and Security”, and 200 million on the walls built on the borders with Iran and Syria.

85TH YEAR OF DERSİM MASSACRE: ‘Reinstate the name of Dersim, unveil the burial site of Seyit Rıza’

Releasing a statement on the 85th anniversary of the Dersim Massacre in eastern Turkey, the Human Rights Association (İHD) has said that what was done in Dersim in 1937-1938 was a genocide, underlining “the need to face the genocide”.

PRISONERS OF GEZİ TRIAL: Campaign on social media: ‘Free Çiğdem Mater’

In a message shared by @freecigdemmater Twitter account, it is said that the account may be followed to send messages to Çiğdem Mater, who is currently held in Bakırköy Women’s Closed Prison in İstanbul.

Turkey’s withdrawal from İstanbul Convention ‘unlawful,’ says Council of State prosecutor

The convention was ratified by the parliament and therefore cannot be annulled by a presidential decree, the prosecutor has stated.
The size of the fast-developing gaming industry in Turkey has reached $1.2 billion in 2021, a recent study has shown.

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