Over-ambitious İmamoğlu prefers to invite establishment columnists to his presidential campaigning

This image from his campaign bus triggered understandable reactions in the opposition. Some of the columnists in this photo helped build up an autocratic regime and had never really apologized for that. Although İmamoğlu triggered hopes for the future and his win in İstanbul is a plus, he is too ambitious and reminds me of a more educated version of an already existing autocrat. I hope this move of his to start a presidential campaign of his own will backfire. Since day one, he is more interested in becoming a president and less occupied with being the mayor of Istanbul…

Some 500,000 of the foreigners legally residing in İstanbul are refugees from Syria under “temporary protection,” according to the statement.

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The German environmental satellite mission Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP) has delivered its first images a month after its launch.

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