From the Internet Archive: “The Front Line of the Fight to Save Ukraine’s Internet”

The Front Line of the Fight to Save Ukraine’s Internet

Since we first announced our support of the work to preserve Ukrainian digital artifacts, thousands of people have contributed to help us fund our archiving tools. We deeply appreciate your generosity–but the work is still ongoing, and the threats to Ukrainian cultural artifacts haven’t disappeared.

Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCHO) is one project that utilizes Internet Archive resources, working to identify and preserve websites, digital content, and data that is under threat due to the ongoing invasion. San-Francisco-based news station KPIX recently interviewed SUCHO co-founder Quinn Dombrowski and Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle about this work, exploring the necessity for and impacts of these archiving efforts.

Watch the video here, or visit SUCHO’s website to learn more about their efforts. Last but not least, if you want to help fund the tools that Quinn and other volunteers are using, you can donate to the Internet Archive here.

Meta Tries to Break the End-to-End Encryption Deadlock

A new report commissioned by Meta aims to redefine comprehensive encryption as essential to protecting human rights.

Europe Is Building a Huge International Facial Recognition System

Lawmakers advance proposals to let police forces across the EU link their photo databases—which include millions of

The FBI Guide to Internet Slang

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request in 2014, the FBI released their internal 83-page guide to internet slang (most of which are initialisms and acronyms). The quality of the scanned document is very poor, but it’s (just) readable. A few of my favorite phrases gleaned from skipping around the report:

BMUS – beam me up, Scotty
EMFBI – excuse me for butting in
JC – Jesus Christ/just curious/just chilling
MOS – mom over shoulder
PS – photoshop/play station/post script
SMG – sub-machine gun
TOTES FRESH – totally precious
YOYO – you’re on your own
WYLABOCTGWTR – would you like a bowl of cream to go with that remark?

Amazon Staten Island Workers Unionize in Historic Win

Thousands of workers beat the odds and voted to become the first unionized Amazon warehouse in the US.

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