Russian imperialism at work: Russia invades #Ukraine


This map tracks Russian military movement in Ukraine through Twitter posts. It looks like a westward-moving wall.

The Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map is a crowdsourced effort to map, document and verify information in order to provide reliable information for policymakers and journalists of the on-the-ground and online situation in and around Ukraine.

Russia invades Ukraine


After weeks of military build-up, negotiation and threats, Russia has reportedly begun bombing Ukraine, including its capital Kyiv, embarking upon what Ukraine’s government describes as a “full-scale invasion”.

US President Joe Biden has responded to what he calls an “unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces”.

Vladimir Putin’s long obsession with Ukraine

Analyst say Putin has long been obsessed with returning Kyiv to Moscow’s fold, in the name of Russia’s greatness.

Russian attack causes panic in Kyiv as people flee

Long queues of cars form towards exits from Kyiv as people shelter in underground stations after Russia’s attack.

Kyiv says 8 killed; Russia says not targeting Ukraine cities

Moscow says its operations poses no threat to civilians as Ukraine says Moscow shelling has killed civilians.

Timeline: Putin attacks Ukraine – how it happened

Explosions have been heard across Ukraine, with Kyiv saying military sites targeted by Russia in eastern Donbas

Putin Looks Determined to Overthrow Ukraine’s Government

As he launched Europe’s first land war in generations, the Russian president declared he would “demilitarize” and

‘Massive’ EU sanctions to target Putin’s war chest

The EU will block technology transfers to Russia, lock out its banks from Europe’s markets, and seize Russian assets in

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