Turkey’s conservatives do not intend to conserve İstanbul’s historic silhouette


Istanbul: A lovely city of chaos | The Daily Californian

Though Istanbul’s beauty has become a tourist attraction in recent years, I would say the true beauty emerges only if one surrenders to the city.

Heavy snow strands thousands in Istanbul | Reuters.com

A general view of parked planes at Istanbul airport, which is suspending flights due to heavy snowfall, in Istanbul, Turkey January 25, 2022.

Istanbul paralyzed by biggest blizzard in decades | DW News

A large snow storm is causing chaos in Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul. Traffic has ground to a halt, leaving thousands of people stranded .
Istanbul, a Turkish metropolis with nearly 16 million population, has been hosting countless numbers of birds, in particular water birds such as herons and cormorants, however, over a dozen of seagull species are leading with their population size in the city surrounded by seas.

A few more beautiful İstanbul photos:

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