Meanwhile in #Europe: “Record-breaking Omicron wave sweeps across Europe

Record-breaking Omicron wave sweeps across Europe

The record numbers reflect those registered by health authorities, and does not include self-tests or infected people who develop no symptoms, and are not aware of their contagiousness.

Tributes for EU Parliament’s Sassoli after sudden death

The unexpected death of David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament, on Tuesday shocked the EU institutions, whose leaders spoke of a “passionate European, a sincere democrat and a good man”.

Metsola becomes youngest EU Parliament president

Metsola’s win was actually secured on Monday – after a deal was struck by the largest three political parties, the centre-right European People’s Party, the Socialist and Democrats and the liberal Renew Europe.

Pirate Party Fills Three Ministerial Positions in New Czech Government

When the Swedish Pirate Party was founded in early 2006, the majority of the mainstream press was skeptical, with some simply laughing it away.

But they were wrong to dismiss this political movement right off the bat.

Following their victory at the local elections, the Swedish Pirate Party secured a seat at the European Parliament in 2009, with another one being added a year later. The success inspired people in other countries to form their own Pirate parties.

Danish ex-minister jailed for separating asylum-seeking couples

Former immigration minister has been sentenced to 60 days in prison for separating underage asylum-seeking couples.

Populist Radical Right in the European Parliament: a New Force?



Recent years have seen a rise of populist radical right (PRR) forces across Europe. Inside the current European Parliament

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