HRW report: “Turkey’s human rights record set back by decades”

HRW: Turkey’s human rights record set back by decades – english – Bianet

Kavala is on trial on baseless charges in connection with the 2013 Gezi Park protests and the July 2016 failed coup. Turkey has flouted a European

Watchdog’s latest report argues autocrats around the world are getting desperate as opponents form coalitions to challenge them

Increasingly repressive and violent acts against civilian protests by autocratic leaders and military regimes around the world are signs of their desperation and weakening grip on power, Human Rights Watch says in its annual assessment of human rights across the globe.

In its world report 2022, the human rights organisation said autocratic leaders faced a significant backlash in 2021, with millions of people risking their lives to take to the streets to challenge regimes’ authority and demand democracy

Erdoğan and the AKP’s war with art and culture – Global Voices

But changes within the fabric of the political leadership — especially in the aftermath of the Gezi Park protests — shifted the ruling party’s

RESILIENCE IN JOURNALISM ARTICLES – 6: The state’s disinformation kills in Turkey

As a result of the shield of impunity over law enforcement officers in Turkey, the torture of two villagers in custody, the

Erdoğan’s AKP loses a lot of votes but the opposition gains a little, shows survey

Many voters who have drifted away from the AKP for economic reasons still have an emotional bond to President Erdoğan, says MetroPoll’s founder, Özer Sencar.

At least 59 ill prisoners have lost their lives in Turkey in a year

Rights organizations underlined that the state is responsible for the health and lives of prisoners in prisons and has an

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