The curious case of Sevan Nişanyan

Sevan Nişanyan is a Turkish-Armenian writer and linguist. He escaped from a prison in Turkey to a Greek island (this escape case is also interesting but I am lazy to tell about it). For some unclear reasons, he is in trouble in Greece, supposedly threatening “national security” there and he might be deported to Turkey. He is quite a controversial (and sometimes funny) person. Let’s see what will happen next…

Arrested in Greece, writer Sevan Nişanyan faces deportation to Turkey

İra Tzourou, the spouse of writer Sevan Nişanyan, has made a statement on social media and said that the judge will decide to which country he will be deported.
A prominent Turkish-Armenian writer living under a temporary permit in Greece after fleeing a Turkish prison has been arrested and faces deportation, his wife said on Jan. 1.

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