In two weeks, death toll from bootleg alcohol reaches 48.

This is a direct result of overtaxed alcohol. Islamist policies are a menace to society.
Fatalities due to bootleg alcohol poisoning in Turkey continue to climb, reaching 48 only in two weeks, as authorities crack down on counterfeit alcohol production across the country ahead of New Year’s celebrations.

‘There’s jobs but no money’: Turkey’s economic crisis begins to bite

As the value of the lira plummets and inflation soars, Turkish citizens are struggling to adapt and survive

In a jewellery shop close to Istanbul’s Taksim Square, Seda unzips an elegant black leather pouch and piles her gold jewellery on the counter to discuss selling it all. The shop owner gently places gold chains, rings and a pendant on a small scale, before immediately calling a trader to discuss the latest rates.

Officials: 22 die in Istanbul from bootleg alcohol poisoning – The Washington Post

ANKARA, Turkey — At least 22 people have died in Istanbul and 16 others have been hospitalized and are in serious condition after drinking bootleg
Lira skids to new low after Erdogan cites Islamic usury | Reuters

… which began in Istanbul’s Gezi Park over access to green space. read more. “We’re lowering interest rates. Don’t expect anything else from me

Many Turks Can’t Afford Bread, and Bakers Can’t Afford to Make It

Squeezed by rising costs, price controls and plunging sales, bakers warn of ruin, while their impoverished former customers line up for government-supplied loaves.

Erdoğan intervenes after Turkish lira sinks to lowest level against dollar

Turkey’s president to hike minimum wage by 50% with other measures to come in attempt to stabilise currency Turkey’s

Minimum wage hike not sufficient amid ‘deep economic crisis,’ says DİSK union confederation

“In January 2021, the minimum wage was worth 386 dollars. The increased minimum wage for 2022 is worth 275 dollars,” the

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