Again; police violence against the women who protests violence against women (NOVEMBER 25 NIGHT MARCH)


Turkish police fire tear gas at women protesters in Istanbul – Al Jazeera

Istanbul, Turkey – Turkish police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on Thursday to push back thousands of people, many of them women,


The most recent raid left hundreds of recycling workers unemployed

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A container full of trash. Image from Pixabay. Licensed under Pixabay.

Istanbul police conducted raids on dozens of waste collector depots last month, allegedly to address potential health hazards, public security concerns, and the employment of unregistered migrants. Some 200 workers were detained in raids that took place at 49 locations in Istanbul in October. According to reports, excavators demolished the depots, and at least three workers were arrested. Police also seized hundreds of hand carts that workers had been using to collect recyclable waste. Similar raids were carried out in September when police raided some 100 depots, seizing 650 hand carts and initiating administrative action against 286 waste collectors, including 145 Afghan migrants. The most recent raid left hundreds of recycling workers unemployed, and many migrants likely face deportation.

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