Meet the most visible face of populist racism in Turkey: the Bolu mayor

Bolu is one of the cities with the fewest number of immigrants in Turkey. However, this bad man keeps fanning anti-refugee fires in the most egregious ways. He goes unpunished despite his unconstitutional policies. CHP won the election after a long time in Bolu but I wish CHP would expel him from the party. I guess, anti-refugee rhetoric is so powerful, CHP cannot dare to do that. How pitiful is that…

Bolu municipal council passes discriminatory arrangements against foreign nationals

By a majority of votes, the Bolu Municipal Council has accepted the discriminatory moves of main opposition CHP’s Bolu Mayor Tanju Özcan: Foreign nationals will have marriage ceremonies performed for 100,00 lira, a cubic meter of water will cost 2.5 USD.

Turkey releases Israeli couple arrested for spying over palace photos

Natalie and Mordi Oknin were accused of taking photos of the president’s residence in Istanbul.
The European Court of Human Rights has given a ruling of rights violation for 427 judges and prosecutors who were arrested on “FETÖ” related charges. Turkey will pay 2 million 135 thousand Euro in damages.

After appeals against the Council’s previous rejections, its highest body has issued its final verdict, rejecting all appeals.

45 people sent to removal centers to be deported over ‘banana-eating videos’

Turkey’s Migration Authority has announced that “45 foreign nationals who shared provocative posts” where they ate bananas in protest against a person targeting Syrians in a street interview have been sent to Removal Centers to be deported.

Turkey jails Kurdish politician’s wife over miscarriage form ‘typo’

Başak Demirtaş and her doctor sentenced over ‘falsified’ medical report on her miscarriage

The wife of a jailed Kurdish politician has been sentenced to two and a half years in a Turkish prison over a typo in a medical report on a miscarriage, in a case denounced as an “appalling” political persecution.

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