EFD Rights Watch: There is a bully at Boğaziçi University…

The tent where the students of Boğaziçi University have been holding a vigil in protest against the appointed rectors has been removed upon the instruction of the Rectorate. Police have entered the campus, taking at least 45 students into custody.

GLOBAL ORGANIZED CRIME INDEX: Turkey tops global human smuggling, arms trafficking rankings

The country’s criminality score is higher than any other county in Europe. It is second to Syria in “state-embedded criminal actors” ranking.

460 prisoners with a PhD degree: ‘Academic confinement’

The fact that there are over 2,000 prisoners with an MA degree shows the current dimensions of academic confinement in Turkey. While Boğaziçi University has 449 faculty members with a PhD degree, prisons have 460 prisoners with a PhD degree.
When people wanted to commemorate the 103 people killed in a bomb attack in Ankara in 2015, police intervened with tear gas in the first two years. A limited attendance was allowed next year. The ceremony in 2020 was not allowed “due to pandemic.”

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