#Istanbul’s taxi cartels on the Guardian…

Inside the murky world of Istanbul’s taxi cartels

Turkey’s biggest city’s drivers caught in brutal power struggle between politicians, unions and wealthy licence holders

Beneath the minarets of Istanbul’s fabled skyline, an unusual turf war is simmering between the powerful taxi owners’ association and the city authorities.

Listing the globe’s “100 coolest neighborhoods of 2021,” world’s renowned culture, entertainment and events magazine Time Out has put Istanbul’s Kadıköy district in the 45th row.

Meet Boji, the dog touring Istanbul using public transportation – Global Voices

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has ensured that he has all the necessary shots and vaccinations. Before releasing him back into the city
Using the public transportation vehicles in İstanbul, Boji travelled across 29 stations and covered at least 30 kilometers in a day.

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