#Cyberculture agenda: The Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen

The whistleblower, who revealed her identity in a TV interview, said Facebook repeatedly chose ‘making more money’.

Facebook whistleblower says it fed Capitol riot and deliberately magnifies hate and misinformation for profit


The Facebook Whistleblower Finally Got Republicans to Stop Yapping About Anti-Conservative Bias

Thanks to Frances Haugen’s compelling testimony, legislators finally agree on what the problem is.

Facebook products ‘harm children, stoke division’: Whistleblower

Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen is urging US lawmakers to regulate the social media giant.
There’s a single toxic incentive at the core of Facebook’s many, many problems

Home computer legend Sir Clive Sinclair dies at 81

The tech industry just lost one of its best-known inventors. The Guardianreports Sir Clive Sinclair died early on September 16th at 81 following a long illness. He’s best known for his namesake company’s ZX computers, which thrived in the UK during the early 1980s — he succeeded in making home PCs accessible at a time when most models were still major expenses. A ZX Spectrum 16K, for instance, cost £125 where Apple launched the Apple II for $1,298 just a few years earlier.

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