#Europe agenda: German elections… Forcing Apple for changing charger designs…

The European Commission unveiled its plans to make USB-C the standard charging port for all smartphones, tablets, and other small electronic devices.

Social Democrats narrowly win German elections


Germany’s Social Democratic Party defeated the Christian Democratic Union in Germany’s federal election this Sunday, a win for the country’s center-left and SDP leader Olaf Scholz. “I’ll be darned,” said Joe Biden this morning. But though the vote represented a miserable showing for the CDU’s Armin Laschet—outgoing chancellor Angela Merkel’s intended successor—either party might still form a governing coalition given the closeness of the vote.


German election: Seven things we learned

Seats, Schleswig and an ex-spy: here are some of the sidelights from Sunday’s vote.

SPD edges ahead of Merkel’s CDU in end-of-era German election

Centre-left Social Democrats take lead as conservatives head towards worst-ever result in national election.

Swipe left or right? Germany’s election dating game, explained

The leaders of the two biggest parties are now in a race to find partners to join a coalition.

Ros Atkins On… Germany’s election explained

Ros Atkins explains how Germany’s election works, the candidates and the issues at stake.
One wildly inaccurate claim suggests Germany does not actually exist.

Switzerland says resounding ‘yes’ to same-sex marriage

Swiss backed proposal, which also allows couples to adopt, by a nearly two-thirds majority in a referendum on Sunday.

Iceland almost gets female-majority parliament

Iceland looked to have elected Europe’s first female-majority parliament, but recount shows it fell short.

Norway’s left-wing opposition wins election in a landslide

Labour expected to form coalition of the left as it seeks to reduce inequality and wean the economy off oil.
Young people have never known another leader, and many worry for the future as old certainties shift.
New infections have eased as vaccination rates have climbed, reaching more than 70 percent of the overall population.

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