#Europe agenda: “Big tech’s EU lobby spending revealed

The digital industry now has more lobbying power than pharmaceutical, fossil fuels, financial, or chemical sectors – spending annually over €97m to influence EU decision-making, according to a new report.
Europe’s New Refugee Crisis

The meltdown in Afghanistan has brought Europe’s rancorous debate over immigration and asylum back to the fore. The new front line is the border area between Belarus and its EU neighbors, where politicians are already exploiting the plight of refugees for political gain.

EU proposal to let Big Tech organise algorithms for the public sector is creating a dangerous but invisible injustice. Regardless, the EU proposal conceded to key industry demands on self-regulation and the promotion of AI in the public sector.

Europe fears Afghan refugee crisis after Taliban takeover

Following the 2015 refugee crisis fuelled by Syria’s war, European leaders seek to avoid an influx of Afghans.

Wildfires rage across Europe

A look at some of the fires spreading across Europe – and the rest of the globe.

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