Apple’s complicity: “Apple removes Hornet queer social network app from AppStore Turkey

Apple has removed the Hornet queer social network from AppStore Turkey “upon a court ruling.” Hornet has announced that it is trying to solve the problem in talks with the courts in Turkey and Apple.

In other news:

Why Turkey’s Regulators Became Such a Problem for Google

The antitrust backlash against Big Tech is playing out in places not known as regulatory hotbeds.

Turkey’s broadcast regulator says foreign-funded media can cause ‘national security problems’

RTÜK joins the “foreign-funded media” debate, says “Our domestic and national media is not alone. Our country always stands with its national media outlets.
HDP IN KONYA: Attacks on Kurds | ‘Perpetrators not brought to account, but protected’

HDP Spokesperson Ebru Günay has said that the perpetrators who attack Kurds are protected and that the government is
Citing Germany’s laws, AKP deputy Özkaya said Turkey should also impose prison sentences for disinformation and misinformation on social media.
Fugitive Mehmet Altun, the murder suspect of seven people from a Kurdish family in Konya according to the security camera footage, has been caught six days after the armed attack. 10 people were arrested over the attack a day before.
If I am not being looked at, who could tell me that I am not behaving correctly? The stares are meant to unsettle women, serving as a daily reminder that men are the ones who make the rules and are thus the ones to ensure they are being followed.
Merve Taskin says she faces obscenity charges in Turkey after posting “joke” photos of sex toys.

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