#Cyberculture agenda: “Data Brokers are the Problem

Data Brokers are the Problem

Why should you care about data brokers? Reporting this week about a Substack publication outing a priest with location data from Grindr shows once again how easy it is for anyone to take advantage of data brokers’ stores to cause real harm.


The world’s most sophisticated commercially available spyware may be being abused, according to an investigation by 17 media organizations in ten countries. Intelligence leaks and forensic phone analysis suggests the surveillance software, called Pegasus, has been used to target and spy on the phones of human rights activists, investigative journalists, politicians, researchers and academics. NSO Group, the Israeli cyber intelligence firm behind Pegasus, insists that it only licenses its spyware to vetted government clients in the name of combating transnational crime and terrorism. It has labelled reports from investigative journalists a “vicious and slanderous campaign” upon which it will no…

Pegasus spyware: French President Macron changes phone after hack reports

Mr Macron was one of several world leaders reportedly targeted by NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware.

Pegasus: Spyware sold to governments ‘targets activists’

Israeli tech firm NSO denies media reports that its software has been sold to authoritarian regimes.

How Memes Became Weapons in the Culture Wars

This week, we talk about the history of memes, where they originate, and how they influence politics and society.

Amazon handed record $888 million fine from EU data privacy watchdog

Amazon has been handed its largest ever privacy fine in the EU by Luxembourg’s data watchdog. The CNPD fined the


TLDR: Understanding the insane world of NFTs and how to buy and sell digital content in the focus of the Complete NFT Master Class for Artists and Entrepreneurs. For many, the emergence of nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, over the past year put a spotlight on an amazing new tech development and even opened up lively conversation about who actually owns digital assets like artwork, videos, music, and more.

At least 100 activists, journalists and dissidents in 10 countries were targeted by Candiru spyware, says Citizen Lab.

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