Things are definitely complicated and a new wave of Afghan refugees paved the way to an organized anti-refugee outcry. However, this does not hide the fact that some are explicitly racist. Bolu mayor is from the CHP and the main opposition party seems not to provide a clear-cut response to this racist mayor…
Having announced that a 10-fold increase will be introduced to the water bills and solid waste taxes collected from refugees, Bolu Mayor Özcan has said, “I am behind by words. If I have to pay a price, I am ready to do it. I will never take a step back.”

Mayor’s plan to charge ‘foreigners’ 10 times higher water bill sparks debate

As nationwide concerns over a potential new influx of irregular migrants have grown in recent weeks, a Turkish mayor’s

One person killed in third racist attack on Kurds in two weeks

Dozens of people reportedly attacked a Kurdish family after an argument in Konya, central Turkey.

MEDIA MONITORING DATABASE: Violence, censorship and a restraining order against journalists



Eight journalists were injured by police, a restraining order was issued against a journalist for a report about the sub-

Violence against older people: 133 cases reported in June

The Association for Aging Studies has published its monthly report “Monitoring Violence and Violation of Rights Against Older People” for June 2021.

Second armed attack on HDP in a month

A man fired shots at the HDP’s district office in Marmaris, Muğla. No one was hurt in the attack and the assailant has been

Hundreds of baby flamingos die in Turkey’s Lake Tuz

Farmers’ embankment of the water channels flowing to Lake Tuz has caused the water flow to stop, claiming the lives of

Erdoğan to create social media watchdog against ‘misinformation’ spread – report | Ahval

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is looking to create a social media watchdog in an effort to…

Over 100 thousand missing rifles in Turkey: Parallel State Structure?

Following claims of notorious criminal gang leader Sedat Peker on Twitter regarding over 100 thousand missing rifles, the

The Sea of Marmara, a ‘Sapphire’ of Turkey, Is Choking From Pollution

A slimy secretion has coated harbors and beaches and smothered marine life. Warming waters are part of the problem.

Clean-up of Turkey’s Sea of Marmara – in pictures

Drone photos before and after the project show the success in tackling a ‘sea snot’ outbreak that had threatened marine life

Mucilage density decreases in Marmara Sea thanks to cleanup efforts

The marine mucilage density has decreased in the southern shores of the Marmara Sea thanks to the efforts in line

Turkey’s Black Sea opening

As Turkey increases its economic and military cooperation with Poland and Ukraine, the number of Turkish-made
“RTÜK is now a primary problem of Turkey’s broadcasting and the biggest obstacle to freedom of the press,” council member İlhan Taşçı has said.

Rise in annual inflation in June higher than expected as lira continues to depreciate against US dollar and euro.

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