EFD Rights Watch: Seven people from Kurdish family shot dead at home in an apparently ‘racist assault’

Prosecutors and AKP leadership were quick to deny the racist side of the massacre but many believe it was an ethnically motivated massacre… Prosecutors say massacre of Kurdish family ‘not racially motivated’ Bianet :: English Ten people have been detained in relation to the killing of seven members of a Kurdish family at home in Konya. … Read more

Turkey struggling with more than sixty wildfire cases

As you can guess pro-government media is quick to blame PKK for fires. Even if this is the case, the government could be more ready? Sixty-three wildfires in two days: Government slammed over lack of firefighting aircraft Bianet :: English Four people and scores of animals have died in the fires that erupted in 21 provinces … Read more

An ongoing debate: Turkish Pop or Poop Art?

Some got angry on social media with the artist’s interpretation and called them “poop art”. Prominent artist describes controversial sculptures as ‘Turkish pop art’ Hurriyet Daily News A prominent Turkish artist has defended the much-debated sculptures and statues that mostly stand at the entrances of various provinces depicting things those provinces are known for, saying that … Read more

There is an unabashedly racist mayor out there in Bolu…

Things are definitely complicated and a new wave of Afghan refugees paved the way to an organized anti-refugee outcry. However, this does not hide the fact that some are explicitly racist. Bolu mayor is from the CHP and the main opposition party seems not to provide a clear-cut response to this racist mayor… Bolu Mayor ‘won’t … Read more

Happy belated birthday: “BitTorrent Turns 20” #Cyberculture Agenda

BitTorrent Turns 20: The File-Sharing Revolution Revisited TorrentFreak by Ernesto Van der Sar “My new app, BitTorrent, is now in working order, check it out here,” Bram Cohen wrote on a Yahoo! message board on July 2, 2001.       This was probably one of the more underwhelming software launches in history. The official website, … Read more

Turkish Ministry’s promotional video on #Istanbul.

Türkiye Turizm Tanıtım ve Geliştirme Ajansının yeni filmi: “İstanbul” pic.twitter.com/ncoSMD4Shq — T.C. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı (@TCKulturTurizm) July 26, 2021 The video represents a life ministry’s own party intends to destroy. Well, they need tourism profits… So here it is. We, locals, do not have the same “cool” here.

Tiktok, an unexpected tool for activism: “Turkey’s labourers take to TikTok to show millions their harsh work conditions

Turkey’s labourers take to TikTok to show millions their harsh work conditions – video World news: Turkey Workers in Turkish factories, construction sites and fields have become the unlikely stars of TikTok, revealing harsh and dangerous conditions in posts with millions of views. Turkey, ranked among the ’10 worst countries in the world for workers’, is … Read more

Good riddance: President Erdoğan ousts Boğaziçi University rector whom he himself had appointed 7 months ago

President Erdoğan ousts Boğaziçi University rector Hurriyet Daily News Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on July 15 replaced a top Istanbul university rector whose appointment led to months of student-led protests against his rule. APPOINTED RECTOR DISMISSED: Boğaziçi University | Vice rector appointed as acting rector Bianet :: English Shortly after Melih Bulu, the appointed rector of … Read more

“#Istanbul Mayor launches bid for 2036 Olympic Games

Istanbul Mayor launches bid for 2036 Olympic Games Insidethegames.biz Istanbul has launched a bid to host the 2036 Olympics and Paralympics as it seeks to finally stage the Games. The Turkish capital bid for each of the Istanbul’s population more than 75 countries despite slight decline Hurriyet Daily News Istanbul was home to nearly 600,000 fewer people than in … Read more

Erkan’s recent presentations and a new publication

As the classes ended, I thought I would be more relaxed but ongoing writing tasks exhausted me. I assume I will not be free until the end of August to finish up all writings and a project on disinformation. However, I and two friends will take a road trip up to Artvin next week and … Read more

For the record, “Turkey ranks 107th out of 128 countries in Rule of Law Index

Turkey ranks 107th out of 128 countries in Rule of Law Index Bianet :: English More countries declined than improved in overall rule of law performance for the third year in a row, the WJP has noted Erdoğan once again on RSF’s list of ‘Press Freedom Predators’ Bianet :: English The Reporters Without Borders has once again … Read more

An anti-government Turkish journalist knife attacked in Berlin, Germany

Knife attack on journalist Erk Acarer in Germany Bianet :: English Acarer has been reportedly assaulted in the yard of his home in Berlin, where he has been living for four years. RTÜK fines Halk TV over folk song deemed ‘terror propaganda’ Bianet :: English The media authority has also fined the channel because of a pundit’s … Read more

Check out Erdoğan’s new palaces

It seems that the sand for the artificial beach for the palace was transported from either Patara or Salda beaches contributing to their demise… More photos here Erdoğan’s mysterious summer mansion in southwestern Turkey is unveiled | Ahval A Turkish architect has shared images of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s guesthouse in Turkey’s 3 new palaces in … Read more

Gergerlioğlu (@gergerliogluof) finally released

Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu (born 2 November 1965) is a Turkish medical doctor[1] (pulmonologist), human rights activist[2] and an MP (Member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly – TBMM) for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP).[3] He has dedicated his political career to fighting against the human rights violations in Turkey HDP’s Gergerlioğlu released 5 days after the Constitutional Court ruling Bianet :: English The Constitutional … Read more

#Europe agenda: BBC explains the “EU vaccine ‘passport'” and more…

The EU vaccine ‘passport’ and what it means for travel BBC News | Europe | World Edition The government says it’s confident an Indian-made AZ vaccine used in the UK won’t affect people’s ability to travel abroad. Denmark’s emotional progress in Euro 2020 BBC News | Europe | World Edition Denmark are riding the crest of a … Read more

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