Erdoğan finally chooses his side, condones mob violence against a woman opposition leader…

It seems the nationalist alliance is just too hard to break… who is hostage by whom, hard to know…

Sedat Peker reveals more evidence of his ties to interior minister

While Minister Soylu denies any acquaintance with the mafia leader, he releases recordings of video calls with
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on May 26 dismissed mob boss Sedat Peker’s claims and vowed to seek justice while defending Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.
Crime boss Sedat Peker’s brother filed a petition with prosecutors yesterday, confessing that he had traveled to Cypriot with a former senior intelligence officer to assassinate a journalist.
The overturn of the acquittal of former government and security officials in a case concerning 19 extrajudicial killings coincides with the mafia boss’s claims in his YouTube videos.

SEDAT PEKER VIDEOS: Criminal complaint against Peker, Soylu, Ağar, Yıldırım

Amid ongoing debates about the allegations of Sedat Peker, the İzmir Bar Association has filed a criminal complaint


PEKER’S ALLEGATIONS: Journalism organizations: Whoever stays silent now is a party to this crime

Journalists’ Union of Turkey, Reporters Without Borders and DİSK Press Union have made statements about Sedat Peker’s allegations implying former Interior Minister Mehmet Ağar’s role in the unidentified murders of journalists Mumcu and Adalı.


ISTANBUL BLOG: Deathly silence from Erdogan as Turkey’s YouTuber gangster scandal snowballs

Since May 2, The Botox has released a total of six videos, while a seventh is due on May 23 at 07:30 Istanbul time. The overall viewer count for the first …

Survey shows reach of Sedat Peker videos and people’s views on the ‘deep state’



While 38 percent of the respondents said they were unaware of or uninterested in the videos, 39 percent said Peker’s claims

Turkish opposition urges disclosure of MP ‘bankrolled’ by mob boss

Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has applied to parliament for the identity…

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