Clubhouse joins the club (by losing user records). #Cyberculture agenda

CyberNews – Apr 10, 11:24 AM

So far, it seems like it’s been the worst week of the year for social media platforms in terms of data leaks, with Clubhouse seemingly joining the fray. Days after scraped data from more than a billion Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, collectively

Business Insider – Aaron Holmes – Apr 3, 7:41 AM

The personal data of over 500 million Facebook users has been posted online in a low-level hacking forum. The data includes phone numbers, full names, location, email address, and biographical information. Security researchers warn that the data…


Over the long weekend reports emerged of an alleged data breach, impacting half a billion Facebook users from 106 countries. And while this figure is staggering, there’s more to the story than 533 million sets of data. This breach once again highlights how many of the systems we use aren’t designed to adequately protect our information from cyber criminals. Nor is it always straightforward to figure out whether your data have been compromised in a breach or not. Few days ago a user created a Telegram bot allowing users to query the database for a low fee, enabling people to…

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