Turkey’s weekend drama: “Retired admirals’ midnight declaration on Montreux Convention triggers ‘coup’ debate

The president spoke for the first time after a declaration by retired admirals concerning the Montreux Convention caused controversy.

Turkey detains admirals who criticised giant Istanbul canal

The 10 retired admirals had questioned a costly canal project backed by President Erdogan.

Retired admirals’ midnight declaration on Montreux Convention triggers ‘coup’ debate

The declaration criticizing the government over the discussion of the convention and a video showing an admiral in Islamic clothes
The government’s reaction to a letter from retired admirals is a “fake agenda” that aims to distract the public from Turkey’s real problems, main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has said.

Opposition divided on retired admirals’ ‘Montreux Declaration’

While some opposition politicians say that the government is using the declaration to distract the public from the country’s real
The New York Times – Carlotta Gall – Apr 3, 2:00 AM

ISTANBUL — Their happiness shines out of the photograph: 14 graduates of Turkey’s Air Force Academy celebrating their completion of a flight training program with a picture together in front of a fighter jet. Within months, all but one of




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