Blogging Turkey’s Dark Saturday (20 March 2021)- Twitter to appoint representative to Turkey

Facebook and Google already caved into Turkey’s arbitrary and increasingly repressive internet legislation. I was not expecting Twitter to do that as it doesn’t seem to profit as much as Google and Facebook do. However, Twitter remains to be one of the few open channels for many of us and so by this move Turkey will be executing a connection limitation as of next month. I am not sure Twitter will actually obey Turkey’s whimsical demands and their appointment may be symbolic. Still, it is a little symbolic victory for Turkey’s authoritarians…


By Twitter Public Policy Friday, 19 March 2021 Twitter’s mission is to serve the public conversation and ensure the service is a place where people can connect, find credible information, and express themselves – anywhere in the world.

Twitter accepted a requirement to appoint a local representative in Turkey as part of a new social media law that took effect in October 2020, according to a top Turkish official.

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