Dear Claude, I will always remember and miss you.

Claude Prévost. Toronto, February 22- 2020

In the summer of 2009, a military police post in Kastamonu received a box of chocolate from Canada. After reading one of my awful posts during the military service, one of my blog readers, Claude Prevost from Toronto, Canada had sent me chocolate to make me feel a little better.  I guess this will be one of the most precious gifts I ever received. I wanted to visit her twice but there were always some obstacles to get a Canada visa. I was especially upset when I was in Boston and I could easily visit her. My last attempt would be this year. I was even more excited to attend the 4S Annual Meeting because it would take place in Toronto this year. Alas, dear Sean let me know that Claude has passed away recently. My heart is broken. She had found this blog when she was searching for European news and ended up here. We then became Facebook friends and kept in touch.

I could never see her face to face but I feel more pain and affectation for her than many others I know face to face. She was such a lovely person. She always showed her love, always made me happy.  I am so sorry.

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