#Cyberculture agenda: “Innovative information disorder tactics target Russia protests…. “Google fired Margaret Mitchell, its Ethical AI Team founder…

Innovative information disorder tactics target Russia protests

Google fired Margaret Mitchell, its Ethical AI Team founder

Google has evidently fired the founder and co-lead of its Ethical AI team, Margaret Mitchell. This comes after weeks of being locked out of her work accounts over an investigation related to Mitchell’s objections concerning the controversial firing of her fellow co-lead Timnit Gebru. I’m fired. — MMitchell (@mmitchell_ai) February 19, 2021 According to a Google spokesperson, the investigation into Mitchell concerned alleged sharing of internal company files: Our security systems automatically lock an employee’s corporate account when they detect that the account is at risk of compromise due to credential problems or when an automated rule involving the handling…

A Second AI Researcher Says She Was Fired by Google

Margaret Mitchell was the co-leader of a group investigating ethics in AI, alongside Timnit Gebru, who said she was fired in December.
Former President Donald Trump was banned from major social media sites after the January 6 riot at the US Capitol.

Bitcoin isn’t getting greener — 4 environmental myths about cryptocurrency debunked

The price of bitcoin has reached US$50,000 (£36,095) – another all-time high. It’s hard to believe that 10,000 bitcoin would only buy a couple of pizzas ten years ago. It’s even stranger to think that bitcoins are completely virtual. You can’t hold one, except on a hard drive, and there’s no underlying asset to them. A bitcoin is simply a digital representation of the computer power needed to make one, what’s called its “proof-of-work.” This isn’t actually a new idea though. Rai stones were one of the first forms of money used on the Micronesian islands of Yap.

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