the US clear on the Kaval Case: “Release Osman Kavala Immediately”

Probably some nationalists will side with Erdoğan here but unfortunately, nationalism only brings more restrictions on free speech. ..
United States Department of State – Feb 10

The United States again calls on Turkey to immediately release Osman Kavala from detention. The specious charges against Kavala, his ongoing detention, and the continuing delays in the conclusion of his trial, including through the merger of cases

Turkey has criticized the United States for issuing a statement that demands the release of businessman and activist Osman Kavala and called on everyone to respect the ongoing judicial process.
Reuters – Reuters Editorial – Feb 4, 4:27 AM

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey’s interior minister accused the United States on Thursday of being behind a 2016 failed coup that Ankara has blamed on a U.S.-based Muslim preacher, the Hurriyet daily reported, at a time when Turkey is seeking improved



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