Anthro roundup: “The 8 Best #Anthropology Websites to Explore Human History

Festival Oyster Grillers, New Orleans, June 1, 2019, photo by David Beriss

If you have food anthropology related photos that you want to be famous, SAFN wants to hear from you! We have decided to hold a food anthropology photography competition for Anthropology Day (2/18) this year. Our goal is to collect and recognize some of the best pictures that illustrate what anthropology can show about people, food, and the world, by publishing them on here.

two new posts on the blog of the Digital Ethnography Initiative
(DEI) of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University
of Vienna.

1) Suzana Jovicic (University of Vienna): Smartphones “In-Between” or:
What Do Smartphones Have in Common With Doors?

2) Franziska Weidle (Brandenburg University of Technology): Only Half
the Story – Rethinking the Relationship Between Digital Ethnographers
and Their Devices

Both texts build on questions raised by Monika Palmberger and me in the
first post of the blog post series “DEI Dialogues”.

The 8 Best Anthropology Websites to Explore Human History

The 8 Best Anthropology Websites to Explore Human History

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